Godly Heritage Center

Heritage Center was incorporated in January 1976. Heritage Center acquired a 1.51-acre tract of property in 1977. In 1979, a 150-seat auditorium was constructed on the west end of the property with the vision of developing a landscaped garden on the back half of the property. The Heritage Chapel and Heritage Garden has fulfilled the vision from 1990, when the mission of the church changed from a single purpose facility to a multi-purpose one. The idea of a Godly Heritage Center was initiated by opening the building and property to a variety of ministry functions and activities. As we started conducting more and more functions at the facility we found it advantageous to file for the DBA of Heritage Chapel. For the past several years, the facility has been a start-up meeting place for several new churches. Prayer groups, revival meetings, youth ministries, Christian concerts and Bible study groups have also met at the Heritage Center. Various churches in the area have accessed the Center for baptismal services, memorial services, wedding ceremonies and Quinceañera’s.