Spanish Speaking Services:

PRIMERA IGLESIA BAUTISTA – Escuela Domincal: Sunday 9:45 am and Servicio Domingo: 10:45 am. For more information, please call: 832-556-3305.

Bible Study Club: Experience a sit-down at the table with an open Bible, asking questions, discussing and searching original meanings and insights of the Scripture. What kind of experience will you find? You will find an atmosphere that is refreshing and stimulating with a goal of bringing strength and confidence in your daily life. You will find people willing to join you to solve and deepen an understanding of God’s Word.

Time for a second cup of coffee?
You are more than welcome to join in the conversation and make yourself at home. We are now enlisting those who are interested in furthering their Bible studies to enroll in the Saturday Hebrew Class @ 9 am.

The goals of the class include:
1. Learning the Hebrew alphabet.
This skill will enable the student to navigate and tract the original meaning of words in the language of the Bible.
2. Memorize various scriptures in the Hebrew language.
This skill will sharpen the students understanding of the Bible.
3. Discover many insights that are contained in the Hebrew text that are not so obvious in the translated versions.

Learning Hebrew will bring a new level of confidence in the Holy Word of God.