Garden Wedding Venue

A quiet state of mind is the best possible attitude to have when considering a major decision. Discovering that inner peace is found when we take time to listen for “that still small voice”.

Plans are underway to develop the back half-acre of the church property to accommodate a walk-through prayer and meditation garden. It is open to members and the public as a place of quiet reflection while inspiring a prayer experience. The Garden will be a dynamic educational experience of pathways leading to various courtyards and sitting areas. There will also be areas featuring banners displaying the Lord’s Prayer. The garden creates a spiritual atmosphere for visitors to relax and take a moment out of a busy day to remember the truly important things in life.

Heritage Garden Cross

Heritage Garden Cross

The planning phase is underway and we are very excited about this project. It will include a central focal point of a 15 foot cross surrounded by rose bushes. New garden walk ways with “prayer and reflection” points are planned to provide a guided pathway throughout the grounds. Effective January 1, 2017, we are rolling out a “Garden Partners” donation and volunteer program. This allows the public to make one-time or monthly donations. Also, we are currently scheduling volunteer opportunities.

Please call: 832-414-4233 or email for more details.